Recipe Directions


1. Julienne carrots and cucumbers with a knife or japanese mandoline

2. Cur out stems of collard greens to make uniform wrappers

3. Break off ends of cilantro stems and/or chop cilantro

4. Slice mushrooms and coat lightly with soy sauce

5. Slice avocado thinly, lengthwise

6. Arrange a few each of above ingredients (just 1 mushroom slice) in the middle of each collard green leaf and roll.

7. Place spring roll, open side down, on a plate

8. For sauce: combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and adjust to taste.

9. Serve and enjoy-- separate dipping bowls are preferable as this can get messy!

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Brittanybullen's Thoughts

By brittanybullen

This recipe is based on one my friend Ali made. Hers was a non-raw version that tasted so good, I knew I could make it just as good raw-style. We got lucky on this one, just replacing a couple of ingredients and marinating the mushrooms instead of cooking them-- it's now one of our favorite things to eat! This was even a hit with our carnivorous family members-- a great crowd-pleaser! The peanut sauce is actually made with almond butter instead of peanuts because peanuts are not technically raw, but it tastes just like the real thing!

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Actually you can get raw peanuts in the US, but you're not likely to find raw almonds anymore, unless you get them fresh from a local tree. So it would probably be easier to make raw peanut butter for this recipe.

But it's probably different in other parts of the world.

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greenie's Review

Raw Thai Spring Rolls with "Peanut" Sauce
4 out of 5

Sounds delish! I'll bet it would be good with sprouts in it too.

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