Recipe Directions

For Slaw Salad:

julienne the beets and bell pepper. it is essential to shred or julienne the pepper to really unleash it's flavor. slice corn off cob. slice tomatoes. if you desire, crush or blend some of the tomatoes, but there should be enough 'juice' from everything else so it's not totally necessary. slice tomatillos very thin. chop shallots or onion finely. mince cilantro. squeeze lime and spray olive oil. add spices. mix. taste. possibly add more spices... eat immediately or chill and let it get even better...

For Salsa:

omit beets, and ramp up tomato volume. make sure ratio of tomato is much more than the remaining vegetables. blend or crush about 1/2 of the tomato while chopping the rest as chunky or finely as you like. add remaining vegetables: bell pepper, lime, cilantro, shallots, onion powder, corn, tomatillos, salt, pepper, cayenne. for salsa it is usually best to let it sit or chill for a bit, but i usually can't wait that long!

serve on romaine lettuce wraps, as a salsa or chunky salad dressing.

a few suggested additions or variations:

sprouted black beans in addition to or instead of bell pepper

pinapple or orange segments

soaked quinoa for a cold, grain salad


green onion


sprouted garbanzo beans

Amberablue's Thoughts

By amberablue

An Amazingly Simple + Flavorful, Chunky Salsa or Slaw Salad ...with Tomatillos!

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I'll have to try this for my husband, it has all his favorites.

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that is gorgeous! i can't wait to try it. thanks for posting!

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