Recipe Directions

1. Soak the buckwheat overnight or while you're at work. It'll expand a bit, so make sure you put in lots of water. Rinse well before using, as when soaked the water becomes a bit gelatinous-y.

2. Put the buckwheat into a bowl. Add spices and mix well.

3. Chop the almonds in a food processor. Add them to the bowl and mix together.

4. Add water to the date paste/agave to thin it. Add to the granola in the bowl and mix until well coated. Add blueberries and mix together.

5. Cover dehydrator trays with paraflex sheets and spread the granola evenly.

6. Dehydrate at 108 F for 1-2 hour, turn over onto mesh trays, stirring it a bit and continue dehydrating overnight. Store in the fridge. Enjoy with some fresh nut milk.

Cupcakes revenge's Thoughts

By cupcakes revenge

A wonderfully spiced and sweetened granola with almondy crunch and blueberry goodness.

Note: To extend the freshness of this granola, leave out the blueberries. Because they don't fully dehydrate, the granola needs to remain refrigerated and doesn't last as long. Add fresh blueberries before you enjoy.

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