Recipe Directions

1. Start by opening the coconut. There are numerous videos on how to do this online, but basically you'll need a hammer, a nail and a clean tea towel. Locate the three black spots on the top of the coconut and hammer your nail into these one at a time until you create holes. Drain off the water through these into a cup. Then, wrap the coconut in the tea towel and placing in on the floor hammer it until it breaks. You can then take the white meat out of the shell and reserve 150g for the recipe.

2. In a bowl combine the buckwheaties flour, the whole buckwheaties and 2tbsp carob. Mix well.

3. Blend the bananas in the mini processor until you have a liquid and gradually pour this onto the buckwheat/carob mixture, combining well with a spoon until you have a thick, sticky dough (you may not need all the banana liquid).

4. Push the buckwheat mixture into the bottom of 2 5-inch/12.5cm loose-bottom flan dishes.

5. Rinse and chop the strawberries into quarters lengthways. Line the outside of the flan dish with a circle of strawberry quarters (reserve the rest of the strawberries), with the inside of the strawberry facing outwards. Push the strawberries down into the buckwheat mixture a little to make the whole thing more stable.

6. Put the flan dishes into the freezer.

7. Dice the coconut and put to one side.

8. Make the sauce by combining all of the water from the coconut in the mini processor with 2 tbs of carob and one banana. Process until liquid.

9. Stack it all up! Take the flan dishes out of the freezer and pile the coconut into the middle of them. Then add the remaining quartered strawberries. Try to arrange as neatly as possible!

10. Push the stacks out of the loose bottom flan dishes and place onto a serving dish. Pour over the sauce and enjoy!

Pathlesstrodden's Thoughts

By pathlesstrodden

Providing you've got some buckwheaties, this dish is really quick to prepare: It took me about 30 minutes.

It looks pretty awesome for the short preparation needed…tastes fabulous too – The coconut water in the sauce gives it an extra creaminess.

On top of that it's only got 5 ingredients in total and there are no processed or concentrated sugars. Simple, quick and tasty…now that's how I like my raw desserts!

Equipment: Mini processor, 2 x 5inch/12.5cm loose-bottom flan dishes

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I an in the UK. Here, you can get raw carob from Detox Your World - yep, cheaper than cacao and I use it much more often as it is beautifully sweet so often means there's no need for any other sweetener!

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Mmmm ... this looks delish! Are you using raw carob powder? And if so where do you get it? The only source I've found is The Raw Food World--and, yay! cheaper than cacao :)

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