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What occasion calls for loads more green than usual? Yes – it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! (Err, I realize the post title spoils it, but let’s just pretend you didn’t see that.)

For raw vegans, having lots of greens on the table may be already an ordinary sight. It seems like everyday might be Saint Patrick’s Day. But this occasion is extra special for many, so why not make an extraordinary and fun St. Patrick’s Day raw dessert?

Just something a little different and festive from what you typically have everyday. Plus, this sweet dessert has an added surprise factor of a kale dessert!

Raw sweet kale cheesecake

The vibrant green color of this cheesecake recipe is just perfectly fitting for a St. Patrick’s Day raw dessert. Even though it’s green and all, it’s surprisingly sweet and doesn’t even have that green flavor to it. Just like most of my raw food recipes, this raw sweet kale cheesecake recipe requires only a few ingredients and very quick and easy to follow steps: blend, pour and freeze.

Start by blending all the ingredients into a very fine and smooth, creamy texture. Then let your creativity work its magic by pouring the mixture into different molds. Let the cheesecake sit in your freezer for at least 5 hours or so. If you don’t have any fancy molds, you can still pour it into a simple glass dish and just cut creative shapes when it’s frozen and ready to serve. To maintain your cheesecake’s shape and to prevent it from turning into a melted green mess, always keep it in the freezer until you’re ready to eat it.

What makes this raw sweet kale cheesecake recipe stand out is its lovely shade of green and its sweet flavor. That’s why taste-testing is important before pouring them into final molds. If you want to adjust its shade of green, try adding more kale (or spinach if you don’t have kale) as necessary. But please keep checking the flavor. You don’t want it to taste too green.

The texture is also very important so using a high-speed blender is ideal. However, if your blender is not powerful enough, you should soften your cashews before attempting this recipe by pre-soaking them in warm water. You also don't want any stringy green bits in your cheesecake, so make sure to use only the green leafy part of kale. For those of you who have no tolerance for bananas, adding another cup of cashews will do the trick.

A surprising and delicious St. Patrick's Day vegan dessert

St. Patrick’s Day is looming just around the corner, and if you don’t have shamrocks or any creative green ideas to prepare, this raw sweet kale cheesecake recipe for St. Patrick’s Day raw dessert is perfect.

Its flavor is gloriously sweet and it looks undeniably green and it's a great conversation starter. After all, the festivity needs simple but fun greens, so mixing just a bit of creativity can spice up your raw food for the occasion.

Do you have your own raw food green overload for the 17th ready?

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