Just grab The Rawtarian's Raw Recipes app and start uncooking simple, raw food recipes right now. Most recipes contain only a few ingredients and are simple to prepare and have been heavily tested. Only no-fail recipes in this raw food app! For iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

The Rawtarian's Raw Recipes app contains:

  • Over 150 simple, satisfying raw recipes - hand-picked, the best of the best!
  • Over 4500 Rawtarian Community recipes.
  • Share and track your own recipes right in the app.
  • Full nutritional information for each recipe.
  • Use either US/Customary (cups, teaspoons, etc) or Metric measurements (grams, milliliters, etc).
  • Adjustable serving sizes.
  • Handy shopping lists (with checklists) to keep you organized. The shopping list will even group similar ingredients if you're shopping for more than one recipe.
  • Track favorite recipes for quick access--synchronized between all of your apps and The Rawtairan website.
  • Write notes on each recipe to keep track of your modifications--synchronized between all of your apps and The Rawtarian website.
  • Quick search function to choose recipes by ingredient.
  • Can't decide what to make? Let the recipe spinner decide! Will you land on a prize?
  • Pictures of each recipe to see what you're making.
  • Ability to browse and add comments and reviews about each raw food recipe right in the app for tips from other users to avoid mistakes.
  • Access your Rawtarian's Kitchen (TRK) goodies right in the app.
  • Watch video tutorials right in the app.
  • The app checks for new recipes on the fly so your raw recipe bank keeps growing and growing!
  • No internet access required for most features once downloaded.


"This app is way underpriced. Some raw chefs charge this much online for just one recipe! Recipes on here are top notch and not overly complicated like some raw cookbooks. This app just made my shopping a lot easier cuz I have the recipes right here with me at all times! Way to go, Laura-Jane!"

--delightintruth (Apple App Store Review)

Simple raw recipes are The Rawtarian's specialty! Some of her famous raw food recipes include raw brownies, raw lemon bars, raw food veggie burgers, raw crackers, raw cheesecake, raw chocolate macaroons -  and much more.

How To Get The App

The Rawtarian's Raw Recipes app is available for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Android devices. This app can only be purchased from either the iTunes store (Apple devices) or from the Google Play market (Android devices). Click the buttons below to purchase:

Love The Rawtarian's simple, satisfying raw recipes? Download the app instantly right now for those times when you don't have internet access, are in a rush or want an easier way to access the simple, satisfying raw food recipes that you love. Give yourself a chance to make raw as easy as it can be! Why fumble with paper when raw could be this easy and fast? Once you get the app you'll never go back :)


"Fantastic Love the app. I found the web site about a week ago and was very helpful. This app works great on my Galaxy S2. And she makes it easy to go raw with the website and the app"

--Christopher (Android Review)


Author of The Rawtarian's Raw Food Favorites and host of The Raw Food Podcast

PS: Over 12,000 raw foodies have purchased it, and it has received over 60 five-star reviews in the App Store and on Google Play. You're going to love it!