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This tapenade is better than the usual you find in restaurants because it is higher in protein and has a mushroom flavor. I wanted to make something that would appeal to a meat-eater so I used a shot of Worcestershire and olive oil, and a couple shakes of McCormicks’ Montreal Steak flavor seasoning added to purified water. I also added a chopped clove of garlic. I poured it on the pecans so that it covered the top and let them sit for a few hours. I used the same sauce on the dried mushrooms.I made two batches one with only pecans and one with the olives, mushrooms and pecans. The measurement of mushrooms was about a cup raw then I dehydrated them and it was a little less than a half a cup before rehydrating. I split up the pecans so it was half a cup of pecans for each batch.

This can be scooped on about anything but I used a couple roma tomatoes we grew on the deck. They were the perfect circumference.

In the pic is Logan the cat- sticking his tongue out a little and the olive salsa I made. (See Guacamole Lite Recipe)

You may want to follow Chris Carlton's recipe or just add your own spices to taste.

Writeeternity's Thoughts

By writeeternity

I was inspired by recipes on this site for this. I took chriscarltons steak idea but soaked the mushrooms in other sauce and the idea for walnut taco meat by kandace but used pecans and different seasonings. I am so excited about this as it was sooo good!

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Oh how cute Logan is!:) I am hopefully going to try this recipe. I just bought some Raw Olive Tapenade from SunFood and was disappointed in it. It isn't very much like a Tapenade. Thanks so much! Looks delish! I can't use worsteshire so I'll have to think up a spice to use.

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