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Wheat Sprouts : 2 days

Soak 1/4 cup of Wheat berries (Soft/Hard) in 300 ml of water overnight. Sprout the Wheat until the root is atleast the length of the seed. This takes me 1.5 days. Keep rinsing and draining every 8-10 hrs or atleast once in the morning and once in the evening.

Soak 1/8 cup of raisins in 250 ml of pure water along with seeds of 4 cardamom pods, for atleast 8 hrs. Soak Walnuts for 8hrs and change the soak water atleast once (I recommed, after the first hour). Discard the water in which walnuts are soaked. But we are going to use the water in which raisins are soaked, so do not throw away.

Blend (for 6-8 mins) Wheat sprouts, raisins/cardamom mixture along with water, Walnuts, along with a baby banana (I find Baby bananas more falvorful than regular ones. If you can’t get baby bananas, use 1/2 regular organic banana). Sprinkle cinnamon and add more water if you like it bit runny. Banana and Walnuts gives it creamy, thick and porridge like consistency. Enjoy!!!

Notes : Raisins have high GI value and tend to raise the blood glucose levels. To counter this, cinnamon/cardamom is used to bring back the blood glucose levels. Adding cardamom to this recipe gives it an Indian Kheer taste/flavor.

Tggoesraw's Thoughts

This is one of my staple foods and is filling. There are lots of variations to this and this is my version. It’s creamy, thick and satisfies food cravings.

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Mmmmmm....I love porridge-like foods in the morning or for the mid-day snack. So good with a cup of tea, and now I can have it raw!! Thank you! My original raw version of my old favorite is sprouted quinoa, nut pieces, and honey or maple syrup-instead of cooked it is all raw. Comfort foods!

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