A very easy very delicious dip with only 4 ingredients.

Recipe Directions

I made the tahini ahead of time using sesame seeds and olive oil in the food processor. I let it go for a long time to get it really mixed together well. Prefered texture is as thick as possible, but I've tried with creamy and it works, but it's harder to scoop. You could try just with just sesame seeds if your food processor can handle it. This mixture will stay good in your fridge for a long time. When I get the munchies I juice 1 lemon, and depending on the size of the lemon, add in the miso and tahini.

Mewmewmint's Thoughts

A very easy very delicious dip with only 4 ingredients.

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Rizzo's Review

Easy Miso dip! (great for carrots and radishes)
5 out of 5

Good Dip! I used mine with dehydrated veggies! I will feature on my blog! The taste is rich and the dip is thick. You realy only need a little!

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