Recipe Directions

To assemble, plate the cucumbers and top with 2 tbls of the Fresh Fruit Topping. To keep the blackberry in place cut a toothpick in half and stick the half into the center of the Fresh Fruit topping and gently push down the blackberry on the toothpick. Drizzle the Agave Citrus Dressing over the top of the Bruschettas and sprinkle with Lime Zest.

Makes 10-12 Bruschettas

Bees Knees Kitchen's Thoughts

Theses Fresh Fruit Bruschettas are refreshing and sweet with a small twist of lime flavor. They are so beautiful and appealing looking and not to mention healthier for you and these are so versatile that they can be served as a starter, breakfast, dessert or snack!

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integritron's Review

Fresh Fruit Bruschetta
5 out of 5

Just made this for a potluck breakfast at school. Huge hit! Thank you!

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