Recipe Directions

Cut every ingredients into little pieces, mix well and enjoy!
Salt only before eating.
It shouldn't be salted earlier because the vegetables start to let out water, drop and won't be that pretty. The sundried tomatoes are a bit salty anyway...
You can leave out oil altogether if you sprinkle the dish with your favourite seed: pine seed, sunflower seed or marrow seed.
I think it's best to chop up the ingredients into really tiny pieces. I suggest putting it on top of the zucchini spaghetti with some ground sunflower seed.

Gitta's Thoughts

Hungarian ratatouille is made of onion, bell pepper and tomato (and the no-vegan version with bacon and sausage) and it is called "lecsó" (letchaw).
Hungarian raw lecsó is my favourite dish, its easy to make and delicious.
Sometimes I prefer simple dishes to the more complicated ones, as there are more weekdays than holidays. In the morning, before going to work, I chop up everything, take them with me and voila, this is my lunch with a light cracker. Very often, nowadays. Sometimes I don't even have time to prepare it. If that's the case, I buy the ingredients on my way to work and while my colleagues heat up their lunches, I quickly chop up everything needed. They keep telling me how wonderful the scent is.

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scarrillo2000's Review

Hungarian raw ratatouille for the weekdays
5 out of 5

Me being hispanic I love this recipe, this recipe has all the ingredients that I live, and looks like a salsa, and i love Salsa's!!! I feel like I should eat this with some crackers, but maybe I shlouldn't. :) Thank you!

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Looks and sounds really good!

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