Fruity sweetness with a hint of ginger spice. By Shazzie.
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1. Lay the mangoes in a flat bottomed dish.

2. With a hand blender, blend the dates with the ginger, slowly adding soak juice to make a syrup consistency.

3. Pour over the mangoes and set aside to marinate for at least an hour.

4. In a food processor, process the frozen bananas with a few lychees until the ice cream turns white and fluffy. This may take a few minutes, so stop your food processor for a while to keep it from heating up too much.

5. Put the mango and syrup into individual bowls. Add scoops of the ice cream to serve.

6. Decorate with mint leaves and fresh flowers for the finishing touch.

Sweet Adeline's Thoughts

By Sweet Adeline

Fruity sweetness with a hint of ginger spice.

By Shazzie.

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I LOVE banana ice cream and I love lychees and mangoes so I will definitely try this. It's super hard to find fresh lychee here.. asian markets have them occasionally, but I will let you know how it goes when I make it! Thanks for posting :)

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