Recipe Directions

toss spinach, seasonings, garlic and onion in together with oil to coat. place on a dehydrator screen.

toss summer squash and bell pepper with oil. place on its own dehydrator screen.

set the dehydrator for 115 degrees. allow at least 30 minutes, or as long as 50 minutes. the spinach will dry out if left in too long, so if you want the summer squash soften, remove the spinach.

this process is relatively quick and much less anxiety-causing than sauteeing since there’s nothing to watch. while i’m passively un-cooking my meal i do dishes and prepare a salad to go with my meal.

photographed with sprouts, something similar to zoe’s cheese with spring onions, chris carlton’s grilled meat, and my melanzane crudo-

note: look for “unfiltered” extra virgin, first cold pressed olive oil.

Pianissima's Thoughts

By pianissima

simple and filling. great for cold nights.

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This is very inspiring, wish I could take the plate right off the screen and eat it. I will definitely give your technique a try.

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