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1 blossom per burrito

1/4 cup sprouted lentils (or no-fry beans, search other’s recipes for ideas)

1 tablespoon guacamole, here’s the one I used in it, shown in my Catcus Chips n Dip recipe:

dash of chili powder or mexican spices

pink sea salt, fresh ground black pepper

fresh cilantro for stuffing or garnishing

Preparation: Add ingredients into a big flowered blossom (guacamole first, then your beans and cilantro) – top with salt and seasonings, and roll into a burrito! You may want to make a couple of these because they are dainty : ) I pair mine with catcus chips and dip – link shown above. If you want to get fancy with this then you can browse recipes for nut/seed-cheddar cheese and/or sour cream!

Ps. Sorry but I had to use a still from my youtube video because I didn’t take pictures. The burrito is not rolled in the picture for this recipe, it’s still pretty though : )

Other ideas for squash blossoms: Add color to your raw soup, salad or sandwich! Use young blossoms to make pesto tortellinis or mac-cheddar-cheese jalepeno poppers!

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By TheRawDance

Ever wonder what to do with your beautiful flowering squash blossoms? Stuff them!!! Enjoy some squash blossom burritos!

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This looks fab! I will use my blossoms today!

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