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Wash strawberries in warm water and rinse well. Process ingredients together in a personal blender. Top with dried goji berries and shredded, unsweetened coconut. Enjoy while listening to the song.
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Barefootandfrolicking's Thoughts

"Let me take you down, cause I'm going to, Strawberry Fields. Nothing is real..."Well folks, I have created a delicious smoothie tribute to The Beatles "Strawberry Fields Forever." Strawberries are such a beautiful symbol for all things fresh, abundant, and inspiring. I love to use local strawberries when in season, and they would be a welcomed addition to this recipe when made in the summer months.

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barefootandfrolicking's Review

"Strawberry Fields Forever" smoothie
5 out of 5

Thank you so much! Enjoy the recipe :)

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You always have the most luscious looking recipes! Congrats on another masterpiece! Once again, I can't wait to try it :)

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