Recipe Directions

1. Prepare the powder mixture with the recipe above and mix in a bowl.

2. Once superfood powder mixture is thoroughly blended add your vegan milk of choice.

3. Stir mixture well until you have a mealy biscuit type consistency.

4. Transfer this mixture into moulds of your choice, and if you wish you can add raw dried fruit of your choice such as goji or incan berries.

5. Stick these in the freezer for an hour or so and they will have set properly. Leave out at room temperature for 5-10 minutes.

6. Your raw cakes are now ready. ENJOY:)

Powerlifer's Thoughts

By powerlifer

This is an amazing healthy superfood "biscuit" type cake recipe. Its a lovely biscuity base that can be used as part of other cakes or is great on its own like. Low in fat so for those out there who like to keep there fat intake low this recipe will appeal. The maca that is added is also great for supporting the endocrine system and balancing hormones. I like to add adaptogenic herbs such as maca to my recipes as they in my opinion are one of the most important classes of herbs in nature and support/normalize all body functions.

The recipe ingredients below make around 3 average sized cakes, you will obviously need to double up certain ingredients if you are wanting to make for more. The only issue with these cakes is they have to be eaten at the right temperature, i.e if you leave them out too long at room temperature they turn into a mousse type consistency which can also be nice. Personally i leave them in the freezer and when ready to eat let them sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes, this is sort of like an ice cream type cake. Very yummy:) and would satisfies even those with hardcore sweet tooth whilst being healthy treat.


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Sounds Delicious! I am going to make these and add Irish Moss, so it will set up without being frozen, thanks for the recipe!

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GlitterGirl's Review

Superfood "Biscuit" Cake
4 out of 5

Just made this tonight! I don't see how this is 3 servings, though... I halved the recipe and rolled mine into 12 balls (I don't have molds) - A LOT more than 3 servings. I followed the recipe to the T using homemade almond milk (slightly sweetened with agave) and it came out great as a base. I'd definitely love to try these as dehydrated cookies; from the freezer they are quite cold to try and eat, even when thawed for 15 mins. With a slice of fruit, dunked in almond milk, or if you feel like something bready... Perfect!

This is my first time using both Mesquite and Lucuma and was surprised at the high calorie and sugar content. Here's the approximate nutrition facts that I came up with from the packages serving size for each powder, minus the almond milk stats (so, everything's a little higher). Remember, I halved the recipe so this is technically for one ball that fits in the palm of your hand:

Cals: 123

Carbs: 7g

Fiber: 7g

Sugar: 7g

Protein: 4g

Don't eat too many at one sitting! :)

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