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ingredients: 3 parts cocoa butter. 1 part agave nectar. 4 parts cacao powder.
optional: cacao nibs, maca powder, super green powder, beneficial organism powder (substitute these powders for a bit of the cacao powder). also: nuts, dried fruits…
prepare: melt butter in dehydrator to 115 F. mix powder(s) into agave. heat agave mixture to 115 F. mix butter into agave-powder mixture. pour resultant into molds with thin coat of coconut oil as a release. refrigerate. enjoy!!
experiment on different preparation techniques here… small initial differences may result in vastly different (all decadent) results

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simple and effective

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try cooling more quickly... a freezer should take under 30 minutes

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Thanks for this, I'm really exited about experimenting with raw chocolate and have got molds now and all sorts :-) Only tried once so far though, give me time..!
I couldnt get the agave to mix in properly last time though.. it separated when it cooled, any ideas? What did i do wrong??

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