Welcome to the wonderful, adventurous world of raw foods! I am so glad that we have found each other.

Without any further ado, letʼs got something straight from me to you.

You are about to transform the way you eat.

We are about to undo the last XYZ (enter your age here!) years of bad habits and junky food that you have been eating since you were a wee one.

Think of this adventure in raw foods as an intervention. You value your life, happiness and future enough to intercede on your own behalf and retrain your tastebuds to actually appreciate the basic foods that most of us donʼt even eat anymore—things like a crisp green apple, a handful of pumpkin seeds and raisins, or a delicious vegetable pate served on slices of cucumber.

What are we trying to achieve by putting you on the 30-day raw food diet plan (AKA the intervention during which we try to save your body and health)? We are breaking you of your addiction to the tastes and pleasures that youʼre used to. Think of yourself as a drug addict. Your body is addicted to chips, cookies, heavy dough and the like. We need to shock your system and give it a break from those things so that you will stop craving them.

The idea of this plan is to have you kick the habit of the junky foods that you are probably addicted to. The overall concept behind The Raw Food Diet Plan is for you to stop craving Standard American Diet (SAD) food. You will then start to actually CRAVE healthy food (I know it sounds preposterous but it is true). The side effect of all of this is that you will lose weight because you are just eating healthy food. But the important part of all of this is that you can ENJOY eating healthy foods, because believe it or not healthy foods can be bursting with flavor and so satisfying.

How are raw foods different?

By limiting yourself to a select group of foods and by arming you with awesome recipes, I can provide healthy food that you can make at home that actually tastes good.

The raw food diet plan is not about picking away at an iceberg salad and looking over at other peopleʼs foods and drooling. No no no no no! Raw food is about making an awesome meal for yourself, like zucchini “pasta” (made only out of zucchini, nothing else), raw alfredo sauce out of cashews, serving it with a heavenly, tangy beet salad, and having raw pudding or raw brownies or raw ice cream for dessert (or maybe raw pudding, ice cream AND brownies for dessert!!). Being a raw foodist is about looking at your plate and yelling, “Oh my, this food is so @#$@#$ good and itʼs totally healthy!!!”

Can I tell you something really important that you should be applying to your whole life, not just to raw foods? “We are our habits.” Whatever we do on a repeated basis every day (be it eat a few cookies before dinner or eat a bowl of crisp grapes before dinner) make big results over time. Your little habits could mean the difference between gaining twenty pounds over the year or losing twenty pounds over the year. Little habits lead to big results, see?

Going back to the concept of raw foods for thirty days, the idea is that by shocking your system for the next thirty days, you will be giving yourself a chance by the end of the 30 days to reawaken your tastebuds and to stop your “SAD” (Standard American Diet) cravings.

The long-term goal is for you to start by being really insanely strict about being a raw foodist so that you can kick your habit. Then, over time, if you want to start adding a few select and healthy cooked items back into your diet, thatʼs alright. But if your plan is to simply revert back to your old SAD foods on Day 31 then there is no real point to going raw in the first place.

Once your tastebuds actually adjust to what real, natural food tastes like, then you will have succeeded. You will then have a much much easier time staying raw. I repeat, the first 30 days are going to be rough. You will be going through withdrawal!

So we really need to get you off eating dead food and turned on to enjoy the pleasures of delicious healthy food. Enter the mission!

Your Mission: Go 100% raw for 30 days

Your mission is to stay 100% raw for 30 days. Do not begin today. You need to get organized first. Because this is serious business! Weʼre getting you off the drugs!

Remember, the 30 days are the intervention to get you off junky, unhealthy, dead food and the PURPOSE of going through these tough 30 days is so that once you come out of the other side (AKA once you hit day 31) you will want to continue eating healthily.

Staying 100% raw for a long time after your 30-day mission may not be your goal. The goal for most is to acquire a taste for healthy foods and to have access to delicious recipes that are healthy that you enjoy eating and crave! No matter where you land after going raw for 30 days, you will be better for having done it. You will learn new skills, feel better about yourself, and you may even surprise yourself and start to crave raw foods.


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