The Rawtarian says:

"The big picture is important. This module shows you where you're going and how you're going to get there!"

Modules 1-8

The first set of modules help you get ready in the most important place - in your head! It will take a while to prepare for your 30-day raw journey. A little bit of planning is in order!

Some of the most important "planning" is going to be for you to get a blender and a food processer - because you will need both.

Then you're going to start getting ready for your 30-day challenge by making sure you have a few weird ingredients, like chia seeds and nutritional yeast.

Module 9

Once you've got all your "stuff," then in Module 9 you're going to pick your start date for when you want to go raw.

Modules 10-13

Modules 10-13 contain shopping lists and the weekly schedules for what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks too! The recipes are included. Your job will just be to head to the grocery store with your shopping list, and then prepare the food in your kitchen.

Your mission is to eat only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (and any other foods mentioned in the recipes and shopping lists) for 30 days. Just stay with that one rule and you’ll do just fine, my friend.


Just think how proud, light, lithe and alive you will feel when you get to the last module after eating raw! You will have learned how to make a wide variety of healthy, raw recipes. You will have detoxed your body. You will have lost weight, and you will have kicked your addiction to all those foods that have no business being in our bodies!


Alright, are you ready to get started? I know I am! Proceed on to the next module by clicking "complete" below.