Recipe Directions

1. Prepare the powder mixture with the recipe above and blend in a bowl.

2. Measure out coconut oil and liquefy. There are a number of different ways to liquefy coconut oil so it still stays raw. I left it out in sunlight. Hot cupboards, putting the bowl in another warm bowl also work.

3. Once the coconut oil is liquefied transfer to another bowl and stir in the powder mixture instantly.

4. Now the mixture is ready so transfer to your moulds, add a sprinkle or two of goji berry in each one and then freeze for around an hour.

5. Your raw cakes are read. ENJOY:)

The powder mixture is very versatile and can be used in any recipe that requires a “biscuit” as a base etc.

Powerlifer's Thoughts

By powerlifer

These raw coconut marble cake bites are a great indulgent healthy treat for any raw fooder craving a sweet. They have a beautiful presentation so are great for parties where you want to wow your guests. Not only that there healthy and the ingredients are based around superfoods.


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what is lucuma powder and mesquite? what are these for?

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