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Using RAW STAR Ceramic Peeler peel the mango into slices and using the RAW Star Ceramic 6" Knife Carefully slice noodle shapes out of the mango, also there are other ceramic knives on the market but the white ceramic does stain even though it says it won't, white ceramic will stain permanently when you use it on carrots, yams or anything orange because of this I only carry and sell the new better Black Ceramic Knife it will not stain and is actually 2nd in hardness to diamonds so is denser, stronger, better than white ceramic blades and knives just wanted to point this fact out! Ok so slicing the mango and peeling it you can cut noodle shapes, cube the strawberry for "tomatoes" and cut the Honey Dew Melon into easy Cucumber Shapes. Mix in a bowl Real Raw Agave syrup with Organic Cinnamon and pour the sauce over the "noodles". Chop some mint and garnish, serve as a entree or a dessert, because this is spicy it is almost savory and is a delightful entree or dessert treat!

Again this recipe demonstrates the power of RAW STAR Ceramic Knives and Peeler, now YOU are the RAW STAR in the Kitchen!

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These Knives are so super sharp, super high tech and so much fun to use that I am able to create totally new raw organic recipes, it all just flows when you have the best knife and kitchen equipment so give it a try to see if it inspires you to create more too! People all tell me they are so super sharp and so much fun you want to use them and I think for me these totally new recipes came to me because I did want to use my RAW STAR Ceramic Knives to test its abilities, what it can do, how it keeps food fresher longer, if you try to make this recipe with a metal or stainless steel knife it won't work as well the fruit will tear, not be as clean, smooth and will wilt and oxidize right away especially these delicate fruits. But as you can see in all my photos it is kept pure, pristine and perfectly fresh still with precision cuts and RAW STAR Ceramic Knives and Peelers brings out all the creativity in you!

~ AND YES there is the WORD "RAW" Spelled out in the Noodles! :o)

Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au

Rawbryan's Thoughts

By rawbryan

If you have been following my totally new Raw Organic Dessert Fruit menu then you have seen my all new unique Raw Dessert Versions of classic favorite cooked food dishes like "Penne Pasta""Sushi""Spring Rolls" made entirely out of fruit and now I came up with yet another Fruity Raw Organic Dessert of an Asian "Stiry Fry Egg Noodle with Cucumber and Tomato Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce". The really interesting part of this dessert is the Organic Cinnamon Sauce actually makes this dessert spicy and adds some heat to a very delicious and delightful new raw organic dessert that you will love, you have to try this one! In the photo the Honey Dew Melon is the "Cucumber", the Strawberry is the "Tomato" and the Mango is the "Egg Noodles" the Cinnamon Sauce is the "Stir Fry" part made of Real Raw Agave and Cinnamon.

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Can you find the word "RAW" spelled out in the noodles? FUN! :o)

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