I find this unbearably delicious.

Recipe Directions

1. Soak the pecans overnight and then dry them for a few hours ideally in a dehydrator or warm sunshine. This gives them the delicious flavor of cooked pecans.

2. Whir in the S-blade section of a food processor until they look like very coarse flour.

3. Mix with the grated pear and press the mixture out onto a board.

4. Mash the Medjool dates into the kefir cheese and spread onto the base.

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By k8lyn07

I find this unbearably delicious.

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Someone else asked the same thing, so I will post again. By the way, this recipe is NOT mine, I found it on a website with lots of recipes on it and it looked good so I posted it - I think it might be from Alissa Cohen's site, as someone told me.

k8lyn07 writes: (March 25, 2007)

Hi Xian, First you will need to have a non-milk based, raw almond or other nut/seed milk kefir. The directions are as follows, but I also find this website really informative – http://users.chariot.net.au/~dna/Makekefir.html#usual_method_for_kefir.

From “Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine†by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.:

Page 396

Kefir Preparation Process

1. First, make any seed or nut mylk with warm water. Follow the instructions “How to Make Nut and Seed Mylks†at the beginning of this section. It is best to use plain, unseasoned mylk made with water to begin the kefir process. 2. Follow the instructions provided with the kefir starter grains that you purchase. 3. Kefir may also be made by adding 1/4-1/2 cup of previously made kefir to the seed mylk. Although this is an easy and efficient way to make kefir, it is not recommended for those with candida.

You can experiment by adding any of your favorite spices to the finished kefir, or by adding flavorings such as peppermint and vanilla extracts. You may want to sweeten the kefir with stevia. In order to preserve the integrity of the culture, do not blend for more than 30 seconds.

Recipes followed for:

Cayenne Almond Kefir Cinnamon Almond Kefir Mint Sunflower Kefir Vanilla Almond Kefir Vanilla Sunflower Kefir Warming Almond Kefir

So you need to add starter grains, which are probiotics (healthy for your digestive system) to the kefir to turn it into cheese. You can do this by purchasing a relatively low-cost probiotic starter, which will enable you to make your own vegan kefir whenever you want. To view the differences between kefir and yogurt, click here: http://www.midvalleyvu.com/Kefir.html

You can buy these starter grains hereâ€â€> http://www.e-f-t.co.uk/psychologyandthegut.html You can also look for kefir grains at your local whole foods store.

KEFIR CHEESE: First make your kefir. Then, strain out the grains, and place the kefir in a porous container such as a cloth bag or a large paper coffee filter (as we did, supporting it with an old coffee filter holder) so that the whey can be collected as it drips out.

Cover and place your kefir in the fridge and in about day, after which the whey should have all dripped out, you have kefir cheese. Add some salt and herbs (to taste) to your cheese and enjoy.

These are some other ways to use kefir cheese, like in cheesecakes, to make cottage cheese, drinks, or lots of other ideas if you look on the internet.


k8lyn07 writes: (March 25, 2007)

The recipe to make the Seed or Nut Milk Kefir will look something like this: SNM Kefir


* 1 cup SNM

* 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk kefir-grains

* 2-cup glass jar with lid.


Add 1 cup of SNM in a 2-cup glass jar. Place a lid but do not seal the jar airtight, and let stand for 24 hours at room temperature. Strain the SNM-kefir from the grains by pouring into a strainer and collect the SNM-kefir as it strains in a suitable container. Wash the grains left in the strainer with chlorine free cold water. If you do not have chlorine free water just put them back into the jar after the jar is washed and repeat the process for your next batch

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how does one make kefir/kefir cheese?

Do you use almond milk?

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