Recipe Directions

  1. Process the walnuts
  2. Add the dates and process again
  3. Process remaining ingredients in food processor
  4. Press the mixture down into a glass brownie pan
  5. Serve

Therawmichelle's Thoughts

Another can't-believe-it's-raw recipe. This raw brownie recipe's main ingredients are walnuts, raw cacao and dates... mixed together just perfectly. Have a peek at the walnut brownie recipe ( on my site if you curious of the potential health benefits of these brownies. Also included are the quick instructions for the optional, but highly recommended, icing.

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Aleyska1's Review

Raw Brownie Recipe
5 out of 5

This recipe is amazing!! Not only super easy to make, yet beyond delicious and good for you as well!!

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Kanuenue's Review

Raw Brownie Recipe
4 out of 5

I loved these but only after I did a second batch without the added honey- it was much too sweet with it. I just added a little bit of water to keep the dough going in the processor. Also, I ended up chilling the "dough" mixture for 30 minutes then took about a rounded table spoon amount and rolled it into a ball shape which I then rolled in some extra coconut. Fantastic!

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