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1. Place the pecans into a food processor and run on high until a fine powder. Add in the dates 2 at a a time until well blended.

2. Press crust evenly into 8" drop bottom pie pan lined with parchment paper.


3. Place cacao and agave into a large mixing bowl and mix with an electric batter mixer on until smooth. Slowly add in coconut oil and mix until smooth.

4. Pour filling into pie pan and chill for two hours.

Patti Jayne's Raw Cuisine's Thoughts

By Patti Jayne's Raw Cuisine

Super easy and extremely decadent!

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Hi Patti Jayne,

I'm commenting because I noticed that this is one of Susan Power's recipes from her site, "rawmazing" and even though it is a fantastic recipe have you actually asked permission from Susan Powers to post her recipe and her recipe picture? I know that Susan will usually allow for people to post/blog her recipes as long as you give her credit for it. I haven't noticed anything on this page that credits her for this. If you have previously spoken to her about this please forgive me. I just wanted to ensure that Susan was aware because she works very hard on all of her recipes just as any chef would and they all deserve credit for their work.

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Turil's Review

Raw Chocolate Tart
3 out of 5

And to make it actually raw, you can use date paste (dates blended with water) instead of the agave. :-)

(Agave is never actually raw, regardless of what the marketers tell you, because actual raw/living agave would turn into tequila in a couple of days...)

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