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Blend the green veggie with garlic salt and spices with water. Dices the tomatoes and cabbage. You can add them after the rest is liquefied. Pulse the tomatoes and cabbage if you want smaller pieces. Use kim chee if you like the spice.

Variations: You can use half water and half olive oil for a slightly thicker soup. I also liek to top it off with nori/dulse flakes and my favorite seeds (such as hemp sunflowers or pumpkin.)

You could also get fancy and blend in herbs to the first step. MMMM… cilantro. I especially like to add a couple more cloves of garlic or some ginger.

Moreover, I you can make it even crunchier with sliced carrots.(but that’s not as quick)

Wrote this recipe to serve one since it’s best eaten right away and i tend make it asa quickie for myself. Multiply to serve more!

Mangos4all's Thoughts

By mangos4all

A quick dinner that’s tastey and easy to digest.

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