Recipe Directions

• Shell the walnuts, put them into a bowl, cover with water and leave to soak for 24 hours.

• Drain and rinse the walnuts. Pop them into a processor (or mini processor as I do) with the cinnamon and 2 tbsp of the water. Process well. Open the processor, scrape down the sides and add the last tbsp of water. Process again – keep going till it’s really smooth.

• Take the blade out of the processor and spoon in the optional honey. Grate nutmeg in to taste and stir well.

I always soak my walnuts (the colour of the soak water after will explain to you why!), but it is possible to make this spread without pre-soaking – you’d need to add more water at the processing stage to make a smooth paste.

Pathlesstrodden's Thoughts

I'm in Tuscany, Italy and here walnuts and pears are in season at the same time...I’m sure it’s because they taste amazing together!

To celebrate here’s a really simple walnut spread I came up with that goes SO well on sliced up pears. It’s really easy to make, and a smooth and creamy taste experience!

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