Recipe Directions

1. Arrange the figs in the center of your plate so that the stems all lock together and the figs form a ‘bundle’. Place banana slices around them like flower petals. Set aside.

2. In a small mixing dish, gently push/mash together nut butter and sunflower seeds until fairly mixed.

3. Spoon in milk, a bit at a time, until it reaches a consistency somewhat like that of guacamole with seeds in it (Haha, could not think of anything to match it with). It will be thick enough to hold its shape fairly well and will not drip off of a spoon when held pointed down.

4. Divide the mixture between the banana slices, spooning a little dab onto each one, going around the circle putting more dabs until all of your butter-stuff is gone (or leave a little bit to eat with a spoon).

5. Sprinkle a little of your favorite granola around the edge of the banana slices to make it look pretty. It won’t look pretty if you get it on the bananas, but it will still taste the same!

KhaasLadki's Thoughts

By KhaasLadki

I wanted something different for breakfast, so I began rummaging through my fridge and realized that I still had some figs in the back (picked up a basket at the local market! Yay for local figs!), and a jar of some banana milk, too!

I decided to change my old recipe of peanut butter, yogurt, and sunflower seeds to a better version with mylk instead!

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