Recipe Directions

Optional first step: Put bell pepper, zuccini and yellow squash in dehydrator to soften while you prepare soup. Not a necessary step, but it takes out a little crispness.
Marinate mushrooms in lime juice, garlic, olive oil and salt while you prepare the broth.
In your blender (I used a good old Osterizer, it worked fine) put the coconut meat and water, 1/2 of the tomato (chopped), dulse, bay leaf, cayenne and water. Blend until completely smooth. This should be broth like, you may need to add a small amount of water to achieve this based on how much water your coconut contained.
Pour “broth†into a large bowl, mix in chopped and possibly softened vegetables, mushrooms with the marinade, nori, the other half of your tomato (chopped), green onion, cilantro and corn.
Heat in dehyrator or coffee maker if desired. And then eat up!
It’s great garnished with a little cilantro and chopped avocado.

Daniefon's Thoughts

You put de lime in de coco-nut…….
I adapted this from a recipe I used to make called “Brazilian Fish Soup†it was always a huge hit, everyone who ate it, went on to make it. I think this raw vegan version is better, of course! It’s packed with all kinds of good stuff.

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I just made this... it's my first REAL young coconut recipe and it is AMAZING!! My boyfriend even liked it and he's not a fan of dulse, nori or fish soup.
Great ingredients, not too crunchy (didn't use a dehydrator) just slightly warmed it on the stove.
I will be making this again very soon.

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thanks! i'm always looking for things to do with my coconut meat.

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