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Blend the ingredients I listed with kellymyra's ingredients. Spoon onto dehydrator sheets and dehydrate for about a day or until you can flip them over. The patties are very thin and that's why they are great in wraps (you can fit in lots of veggies on top of them).

Vegan Goddess's Thoughts

By Vegan Goddess

First off, the picture I uploaded is of the patties before they are dehydrated. They actually come out looking dark brown. This recipe is not for the faint of heart when it comes to the palate - I am of South Asian descent and appreciate the strong flavor of Indian spices. That being said, I prefer these patties in wraps with other vegetables that balance the strong flavor. You could serve them with my Cauliflower Carrot Beet curry.

I created this recipe by accident but it turned out better than I ever expected. The base of the recipe is by KellyMyra here. Unfortunately I did not like the recipe above. It came out rather bland and, since I used my Vitamix, it had a very smooth paste-like texture which did not agree with me at all. So, I decided to make burger patties out of the recipe by adding in some nuts and portobelloes. I ended up adding some more stuff. Here goes:

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This sounds good. I think i'll use less walnuts (just preference).... maybe add a little zucchini or something. I think sprouted Chick Peas would be great in replacement for the walnuts. These sound really good - can't wait to try them!

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