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Pit the dates and put them with the nuts(all soaked over night) in a food processor, give it a small pulse to mix it a bit then add the cinnamon&carob, mix it all well in pulses until the nuts are well chopped and its 1 thick mixture, then take the coconut shreds and put them in a bowl, take the mixture shape it into balls and dip it all around in the coconut shreds.

All the quantity’s are rough estimates I kinda just poured some nuts together and the dates I had an almost full 500g box left so I assume is was around 400g\12ounce, and regarding the dates, I don’t know how its called in English but it wasn’t Maghul, they were less sweet&more dry then Maghul type.

Also the pictures isn’t of what I made but they look almost the same, just a bit darker.

Ras-saadon's Thoughts

By ras-saadon

Amazing Date balls mixed with nuts and Carob&Cinnamon for the flavor.

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Thanks for then Christmas treat idea.

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