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blend sunflower seeds with a little water to make a smooth cream. set aside in a bowl. blend other ingredients until smooth, then add back the sunflower cream and blend thoroughly. you could do it all at once in a vitamix but i have a humble 1/2 hp blender so i had to do it in steps.
refrigerate, and stir each time before use. it gets a little dark on top but if you mix it in it looks and tastes fine. better than fine, delicious!

Noelleloveshoney's Thoughts

i was looking for something besides olive oil to have on my broccoli and greenbeans yesterday. so i threw a few bright green things into my blender and voila!
enjoy this on a green salad, a vegetable salad or tossed with 'pasta' or warm veggies.
My anti-veg hubby said he would try it if its very mild and blendable, so I am going to try it with maybe cashews and romaine-a pseudo pesto. Anything to get him to eat a salad!

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Did you try it? What did you think?
I made it monday and had it every night so far.
I acknowledge a silly mistake I made... I went back to the store to get more arugula so I could make another batch and I realized that it was not arugula but a pale romaine lettuce. So today I made up a batch with real arugula and its definitely, um, spicier. So if you like mild I say go paler. Both ways were good for me.

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Thats whats for dinner tonight ! :)

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