Recipe Directions

Inspired by Joz’s Lemon Poppy seed cake
Here is how I made mine
First juice the Apples, pears and 1 Lemon
I used a Breville, the pulp was dry and compact. If its wet at all drain it before the NEXT STEP
Place the pulp into a bowl, mix into the pulp by hand
200g Ground ALMOND Meal Juice of 2 lemons 3 Tablespoons RAW HONEY or Agave
Mix this hard with a wooden spoon, continue until its dough like and creamy.
Press into a small Sprinform pan, put into Fridge for 4-5 hours.
Blend up
1 cup Coconut Juice of 1 Lemon The smallest amount of water to blend
You could add Agave if wanted
Put into fridge to thicken up, after 2 hours, blend again, this should be thick coconut cream texture, if it isnt put into the freezer 30 minutes before icing—or add coconut oil, flax or use irish moss. Mine was fine just thickening in the fridge!
Finally remove cake from Springform
Frost and put zest on top, Voila!

Raw_londonder's Thoughts

Lemon cake, sure to make you drool!

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Wow! I wanna try soon! I'll probably use leftover almond pulp from making milk, as it will be even more light!
Thank you so much for sharing! (I had already seen Jozy's one, but can"t find jicama! I'm now happy to be able to try this! :) )

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It really is easy!! So creamy and fluffy :)

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WOW! That sounds so dang good and easy for someone like me. :)

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