Recipe Directions


1. Blend all ingredients together.

2. Strain in a nut milk bag. This should be about 2 cups.


3. Blend all drink ingredients until smooth and garnish with a few cocoa nibs.

GlitterGirl's Thoughts

By GlitterGirl

This drink is adapted from Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney and is delicious!

The sugar content is very low (about 16 grams per serving from the agave).

The original recipe used more agave, which you can if you like!

It's not very minty so if you want more mint flavor, add a lot more mint leaves. ;)

If you're turned off by opening a coconut, don't be! It gets easier the more you do it and it's so worth it.

Not as thick as a chocolate shake but is delish and very similar!

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GlitterGirl's Review

Low Sugar Mint Chocolate Drink
5 out of 5

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I'm planning to try this recipe over the weekend. Looks awesome.

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