Recipe Directions

Chop/shred parsnips/cauliflower and carrots in food processor
Chop scallions
Finely chop cilantro
Toss all with remaining raisins in bowl
Wisk all dressing ingredients together or alternately blend them for a different consistency. ( I like both)
Store in cruet/bottle
Mix about 1/4 dressing with the salad blend and reserve the rest of the dressing to pour over greens or for another use.
Serve salad over bed of spinach and watercress add more dressing as desired.

Marichiesa's Thoughts

This salad has been adapted from an old favorite of mine, the “Sesame Orzo Salad” from the Frog Commissary Cookbook. The recipe for the dressing is pretty true to the original but the salad ingredients are obviously very pasta free! This recipe is so adaptable. You can serve it over a bed of greens as I’ve done here or wrap the salad up in a romaine or collard leaf. Even stuff it in a tomato. The dressing is great anytime!

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Parsnips chopped like rice in a food processor and then marinated in some ginger, shoyu, rice vinegar and sweetener make a great filler for nori wraps too! YUM ;-)

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Hey- this sounds really great. I also have some parsnips in the fridge I didn't know what to do with!

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