Recipe Directions

Mix everything (except the coconut) together with a spoon for a while until it starts to clump together, takes a few mins. Then use your (clean :) hands and shape into balls.
Roll each ball in the coconut and hide them away in the fridge.
Blessings to you! â¤

Raw Jane's Thoughts

Delicious chocolatey balls of love for you to you heaps of energy...i eat a couple before i go out dancing and they keep me going until the wee smalls hours of the morning! x

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These were fantastic.....
Can't wait to make another batch...

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I was at Jane's house last night and tried them, they're are fantastic!
They tasted just like Lindt dark chocolate orange which was my favourite chocolate before I became a raw vegan.
I definitely recommend making these as they are brilliant for a naughty treat ;)

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