Recipe Directions

1. Cut 4 strawberries into chunks and put into a blender with agave and cinnamon. Chop remaining 2 strawberries and set aside.

2. In a food processor, mix almonds and oil until slightly chunky or mix into a butter form if you can.

3. In a bowl, mix all ingredients including chopped strawberries and refrigerate.

KMcR's Thoughts


Great things are discovered by complete accident and this was one of them for me!

I started out by trying to find a healthy snack for my husband's late night cravings since he decided that his usual bowl of ice cream might be putting pounds around the waist?

As shocked as I wasn't, I was on a quest!

I have an abundance of ground almonds from making almond milk and I needed to get rid of them, so I originally was going to make almond butter. But I couldn't get it to the right consistency because I have a really small food processor that basically sucks.

I had just bought a tub of fresh strawberries and for whatever cooking-genius reason, I wondered if I could mix it all together to make a delicious fruity nut butter!

Great as a dip for apples or jicama.

Pictured above on a slice of light rye toast for my non-raw husband!

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Indysay's Review

Strawberry Fruit and Nut Butter
4 out of 5

I made this incorrectly and didn't have hemp oil, but I still really like the taste. The food processor step is important. I added my coconut oil to some ground almonds that had been in the fridge. Thus, the cocnut oil hardened and the result is not completely mixed. It's still yummy though, and I didn't add strawberries either. I'll rate it again when I make it right. It kind of reminds me of a rice pudding with the cinnamon-y taste, or oatmeal. I will definitely make this again... i am really happy to have a good use for my leftover ground almonds from almond milk.

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