Recipe Directions

1. Cut the Sharlyn in half and deseed. (Save the seeds and dehydrate for later!)

2. Use small end of melon baller. Put these balls aside in Tupperware. Add goji berries now if you don’t want to soak them in date water. Place this in the fridge.

3. Pit the cherries and place in a separate container to add at the last minute. The reason you need to keep this separate until serving is to keep the melon from getting cherry-stained. The green is so pretty and you want this to be as appetizing and vibrant as possible so others will dig in!

4. If serving for two, scoop balls back into the Sharlyn halves. Otherwise, serve with some leafy greens.

Writeeternity's Thoughts

By writeeternity

Just thought of this. Why hadn’t I before?

Amazingly refreshing! I just bought a Sharlyn melon and it is really good and inspired me to throw together a recipe to share with others tonight.

The Sharlyn looks like a small green torpedo if you are looking for one in the store. It has a whitish green interior and a lighter flavor than a honey dew.

Fresh cherries are such a hassle to de-pit for most people, so they should be thrilled that you did it for them.

Cherries are a remedy for gout and are anti-inflammatory and super high in anti-oxidants.

This is so easy and who could turn this down?

Great for your friends. Nice colors for a 4th of July picnic!

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