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Blend up. Adjust to taste the way you like it. Some people like it more vinagery, some sweeter, some spicier, so dabble as much as you like, but the above recipe is how I like it…sweet and vinagery.

Note: You may need to add a little water or more oil depending if you’re making a sauce or dressing. The oil tends to seperate a bit, so give it a shake or stir before serving.

Charis's Thoughts

By Charis

This is an incredible ketchup or BQ sauce, or a sauce for wraps or raw sushi rolls…I make it ALL the time and just love it! Definitely one of my favourites! Non-raw people just love this too…it’s really amazing because the texture gets just like ketchup if you make it thicker, and thinner, it’s a wonderful dressing! I love versitality.

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Sounds delicious! I will use lemon juice instead of ACV and i'll use the regular sundried tomatoes and then add a little oil. And, i'll just add more dates instead of using the honey... this looks really good! I'll try this when i'm done with my detox. Thanks!

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