Recipe Directions

1. Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth and creamy.
2. Put cheesecloth in a colander and pour cheese mixture on the cheesecloth. Wrap cheese and put a small plate on top.
3. On top of the plate, put a glass, jar, or something of that weight.
4. Put in a dry place and wait a day or two for cheese to culture (check and taste daily).
Enjoy as a spread for crackers, sandwiches, or veggie dip.

RawGuru's Thoughts

This is an amazing raw cheddar cheese that you will love to make and savor! It tastes just like, if not better than nacho cheese. You can purchase truly raw cashews and probiotics from

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sounds good... but we do not have nutritional yeast in Russia:(... is there anything else i can use instead of it?

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Wild and Free's Review

Cheddar Nacho Cheese
5 out of 5

this sounds amazing! going to get the ingredients and make it this weekend! i also absolutely love how you incorporate rejuvalac in your recipes because i JUST started to make my own and had NO IDEA what else i could do with it except for drink it! thanks a bunch!

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