Recipe Directions

1. First the crust ingredients: Blend dates and raisins. Place into a bowl and mixed with finely chopped nuts (also can use blender) to form a dough which can be easily shaped. Place into a pan and shape into the first "crust" layer.

2. Filing: Chop the apricots, raisins, cranberries, nuts, and any other dry fruit. Mix with coconut, which is the main ingredient in this layer. Add the seasonings, and then agave or honey, forming a somewhat sticky texture. Place the mixture on to the crust and shape into a layer, so you have a smooth texture throughout.

3. Frosting, last layer: Mix agave or honey with the cocoa powder until a medium-thick chocolate sauce forms. Make enough of this sauce to cover the entire surface area of the "cake" or simply drizzle.

4. Now you have three complete layers of the coconut squares/bars. Freeze them for about 30 min or longer. Refrigerating them for a while will work fine too. When they are ready to eat, simply cut into squares and serve.

I will post a picture soon!

Sultaria's Thoughts

By Sultaria

Hi all. I'm new to raw food but this was my first attempt at making a completely raw dessert. I do not remember the amounts of ingredients I used, but they can vary depending on personal preferences and textures. So, use the amounts you see fit.

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hi. sounds yummy. kinda like a muesli bar~ im looking forward to the picture!

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