Recipe Directions

Put the vegetables into the chopping machine one by one, and chop them up until they're crumple sized.

Cabbage salad:cabbage, white onion, a couple of drops of lemon juice, one spoon of olive oil

Carrot salad: carrot, lemon juice, olive oil

Beetroot salad: beetroot, apple, olive oil

Put sald leaves into a bigger bowl and form small piles of the different coloured vegetables with the help of a cup.You can put the "heart" of the salad, or any other colorful vegetable (broccoli, tomato, radish, etc) in the middle.

Gitta's Thoughts

By Gitta

We had some guests over at the weekend and I prepared some hot dishes, cakes and, of course, many kinds of raw food.  This colorful vegetable dish was the most interesting, beautiful and tasty food of all. Even my omnivorous guests tried it and sure they were surprised at how yummy it was and they all wanted to know the ingredients.

This is my first recipe on goneraw

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This is very attractive . . . and each of the salads could easily stand on its own. I think I'll try the beet salad later this week. I have several small beets that I need to use. Thanks for the suggestions.

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