Recipe Directions

In a food processor, blend the nuts and cacao powder until the mixture is well ground. Add coconut and pulse a couple of times to mix it in. Add dates and blend until a dough is formed.
cream layer
After soaking the almonds, the skin will come off quite easily. Removing the skin will result in a smoother cream. Blend all the ingredients together and place in the fridge or freezer to firm up for 1-2 hours .
chocolate sauce
Sift the cacao powder through a sieve into a bowl. Add remaining ingredients and blend with a small whisk until smooth.
In a square or rectangular pan, press the base mixture along the pan to form the bottom of the square. Then spoon in the cream and spread it evenly. Top with a thin layer of chocolate sauce - put in a shallow pan of warm water or in a dehydrator to keep the chocolate melted and pourable.
Note: In the photos here, I rolled out the base mixture and used a champagne glass to cut out the circles.

Cupcakes revenge's Thoughts

I love nanaimo bars! Here's a recipe for a raw version.
Keep them in the fridge or freeze them for a longer life. Enjoy them frozen for an ice-creamy treat.
For more rawlicious recipes, check out veganlicious @

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amber - nuts are super healthy for you, providing many minerals and fats that our bodies need. And as I don't expect someone would be eating the whole batch, the quantity of nuts and oil shouldn't be an issue - 1 serving would be less than 2tbsp of nuts. so i'm not sure what you mean by making them healthier. If you mean that you are on a low fat/low cal diet then yes this recipe isn't for you. But I have some ideas for a low-fat version, so stay posted!

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lynneaeus's Review

Nanaimo bars
5 out of 5

Ha, yeah I've never met a 'healthy' nanaimo bar :)
This was great! I made it for a birthday party, and all my non-raw buddies LOVED it. I did not make any changes to this recipe at all. The bottom layer was a little crumbly, I probably could have fixed it with a bit of water or coconut oil, but it didn't really matter. I loved the chocolate layer with coconut oil, never got too hard despite sitting in the fridge.
I made it on a square plate and cut it into 6x6 tiny pieces, which all were very filling. This recipe ended up very similar to what I remember a nanaimo bar is like. Yum!
Thanks again!

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wow - this thing is LOADED with nuts and oil. :/ Is there any way to make this healthier?

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