Recipe Directions

1. Empty the cashews into the mini processor.

2. Split the vanilla pod lengthwise using a sharp knife. Open the pod up and peel the sides back to reveal the seeds. Using the knife or a teaspoon, scrape the black vanilla seeds into the processor with the cashews.

3. Stone and peel one plum, chop it up into small pieces, and add to the other ingredients in the mini processor.

4. Add 100 ml of water and blend the mixture well until it’s a smooth paste. Add a little more water if necessary to make the cream a consistency you like. Remember that it will thicken slightly when left to stand.

5. Remove the cream from the processor to a bowl. Clean the processor.

6. Stone and chop 2 plums into small pieces (I leave the skin on these). Put into the processor and blend until you have a smooth sauce. You may need to stop and push the fruit down onto the blades several times. Stone and chop the remaining 2 plums into small pieces.

7. Place half of the chopped plums into the bottom of 3 serving glasses. Top with about a third of the plum sauce.

8. Add a layer consisting of about half of the cashew cream, carefully smoothing it out to meet the edge of the serving glasses.

9. Start another layer: Place the rest of the chopped plums on top of the cashew cream, and top with another third of the plum sauce.

10. Spoon the remaining cashew cream on top of the plums (to make it look like a traditional cream fool, I like to leave it in dollop formation!).

11. Drizzle the remainder of the plum sauce over the top of the cashew cream.

Pathlesstrodden's Thoughts

By pathlesstrodden

Plum and vanilla is a match made in heaven.

This fool-style, creamy, sweet, delectable dessert is amazing yet so simple. Two main ingredients, a bit of vanilla, and some water--20 minutes and you’re done.

My recipe serves 3 people with enough left over for chef prerogative of licking out the bowl!

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Thanks Christine! I'm in Tuscany - we have the black plums here, they are amazing. When plums are is season they are SO cheap and gorgeous! There's something about vanilla and plum together. It's a wonderful combination.

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1Christine's Review

Plum and Vanilla Fool
5 out of 5

I usually don't comment but this looks amazing! I love vanilla. I really adore plums. If you have the chance, try the real black plums-they are red to dark purple inside with a blackish purple skin. My second fave is the "dino egg" plum. They are sweet, tart and juicy. The skin is green with spots (hence the egg name) with a suprising deep magenta flesh inside. Ahhh! It is so difficult to find fresh ripe produce that it is like a treasure once found! This recipe looks like a perfect display for such a find!

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