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Here's an idea of what you can do:

Lay out on a flat surface, a sheet of nori. Spread on half of it some almond butter, a bit of ginger, some wasabi, a squeeze of lemon, and some hemp oil(or instead of all that a favorite dip/dressing/sauce).

Grate/julienne/slice veggies on top- like carrots, daikon radish, cabbage, cucumber, greens... what you have on hand. Thin pieces work best, for a tight roll.

Put in some yummy chunky creamy-ish things like avocado and/or mango perhaps, or blueberries... experiment with crazy fillings, like weird things you might not think would be good with seaweed- I really like a weird PB & J inspired roll- like nori with a nut butter, berries, a bit of daikon radish, and some greens. Yumm!

Wrap!- this'll take some practice- you'll see pretty quick the limitations of how much you can fit into the nori.


Take the side of the nori nearest you, fold it over the fillings and tightly tuck it under them, giving at few inches of room left on the nori on the other side of the fillings for sealing the nori to itself.

Give a gentle pulling up (from the side nearest you) pressure onto the nori while you roll away from you. Be gentle but firm. You want the fillings to be evening dispersed across the length of the roll, so it's a tight roll all across it.

When you roll it up and reach the end, take a bit of sauce, water, lemon juice or liquid of some type, and smooth onto the edges of the nori to help it seal. Roll it onto it's seam and let it sit a few to secure the seal.

For slicing- if you'd like to(I generally don't unless I'm trying to impress somebody)- gently push down on the roll with one hand near where you want to cut and dip a serrated knife in water, then gently saw at it til you get all the way through.

Every slice dip the knife in water.

I usually keep mine whole or cut into a few larger pieces.

Dipping sauces are also awesome- experiment!

I like ginger, wasabi, lemon juice, hemp oil, almond butter and honey, for instance- in the above instructions I just put that into the wrap. I change it up quite a bit. Lots of flavors work well with nori wraps!

I really enjoy "weird" things in my rolls- I really like saurkraut, for instance, or pickled beets:)!

Experiment and enjoy!

Lively Dirt

Livelydirt's Thoughts

By livelydirt

Nori wraps are a staple of mine- a main food group, almost!

They are so easy, healthy, delicious, and inexpensive.

They are also very versatile, and I'm always just putting in whatever I think will be yummy.

Mineral rich foods like seaweed(or raw chocolate, mmm)seem to really influence my general state, emotionally, mentally and physically, in a really positive way- I just seem to function better on all fronts!


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Keustace's Review

Raw Nori Rolls
5 out of 5

I just made the above Raw Nori Rolls !!! Love them !!! I'll be making them again !!

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