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Recipe Directions

1. blend carrots or jicama with 1 cup distilled water until smooth.

2. add avocados an sea salt and blend til smooth

3. pour into a mixing bowl. add flax meal and mix by hand.

4. place 1 1/4 cups on each dehydrator tray lined with teflex and spread it out evenly and thinly

5. score each tray of batter into 4 strips in one direction and 2 sections in the other direcction

6. dehydrate at 105F for 2 hours

7. flip wraps and remove from the teflex.

8. continue to dehydrate until the wraps are still moist but dry enough to store

9. store at room temp for a week or months in the refrigerator

if wraps seem too dry when you take them out of the dehydrator, place them in a ziploc bag with a moist unbleached papertowell nd seal it. leave the bag in a warm place and the wraps will be soft in 20 min.

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