Recipe Directions

(IMPORTANT: Keep extra ingredients on hand, to adjust as desired.)
Sprinkle Celtic sea salt into bottom of blender.
Squeeze all juice from lemon into bottom of blender.
Squeeze all juice from lime into bottom of blender.
(If your limes are smaller than your lemons, buy two limes, so you’re adding equal parts lemon and lime.)
Peel and pit avocado and place it in the blender.
Blend until silky smooth.
(If your blender stops blending, but the ingredients still need to be blended, add just the tiniest bit of water – just enough to get the blender blending again. Only use the water for this purpose, so it does not dilute the flavors.)
Taste test.
Does it taste tangy yet – or like avocado? If it tastes like avocado, add more lemon and lime juice. And a bit more salt, if desired.
Blend well again.
Taste test.
Is it too tangy? Does it taste like avocado?
If so, add the handful of soaked cashews and blend until silky smooth.
Dice up entire green onion stalk and fold in gently.
Taste test.
All should be right with the world. Tangy. With no avocado taste. That’s when you know it’s done.
This dip will not age/discolor, due to the lemon/lime juice!
This dip will not taste like avocado (unless you want it to), due to the lemon/lime juice and/or the cashews!
This dip will taste sweetly divine (and like sour cream frosting, for lack of a better description) if you dip Fuji apples into it. :o)

IsleDance's Thoughts

Tangy, tasty and quenchingly AMAZING! Especially when dipping something slightly salty into it!

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Thanks, Winona!!!!

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This looks like an excellent dip. Fun photo!

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