Tasty Tomato Soup
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Roughly chop Tomato- halves will do.
Put Tomato into blender, add one cup of water. Whizz.
Add Greens of your choice, Whizz again
Now this will be thin, if you want a thicker consistency- Add in 1/2 cup of Pine nuts or Avacado or Oil/ If you are oil free perhaps add some sprouted chickpeas- whichever your personal choice is.
I have listed Pine nuts. Whizz. This will be a nice nutty texture. Bit of crunch.
Add in One clove garlic- again whizz. Personal Choice there.
Then I add 1 very hot chill and a generous spoon of Homemade Curry Spices. Again Whizz up.
In the Homemade Curry Spices is :
Just a glass jar of oil- olive, sunflower, sesame- whatever. In there is Cinammon, Vanilla pods, chillis, peppers and Garlic cloves. You can just preserve this for a few weeks then blend it smooth so you have a paste ready or use it just as it is- spoon in a bit of oil, lovely soft garlic, pepper etc. Personal choice.
Taste the mixture, add more seasoning to taste
Wish I had a camera to take a picture as it looked splendid!

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Tasty Tomato Soup

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Okay, i'm totally going to be saying "whizz" to myself when i blend my dinner tonight...

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