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1. In a food processor, blend the dates and the water until a paste forms. In a bowl, mix dry ingredients together. Add date paste and coconut oil and mix well.

2. In a tart cup, or whatever you're using, firmly press the mixture into shape with your fingers.

3. Dehydrate 2 hours (or until the next step can be done somewhat easily).

4. Remove carefully from your tart crust container and dehydrate until dry. I dehydrated overnight because I don't have a timer and getting up at 3 a.m. didn't seem like the best of ideas. But I think 4-6 hours should do the trick.

5. Blend blueberry filling ingredients in food processor.


Sliced strawberries work very nicely too, and stay in place a bit better than whole fruit does.

Or if you want something that really isn't in danger of rolling away, you can put the fruit in a food processor and pulse a couple of times.

Cupcakes revenge's Thoughts

By cupcakes revenge

An easy and delicious pie crust that doubles as a great way to use of leftover nut pulp from making milk.

Don't be scared if this crust seems really tough when you try and cut into it. It's actually quite nice and even chewy when eaten. Just use a sharp knife to cut it.

I attempted a butter knife, because every single other piece of cutlery was dirty (sadly, no joke); we ended up just picking them up and biting into them.

Fillings are easy as pie (ahahhaaaa I'm hilarious). Seriously though, I served this to the boyface with whole raspberries in it, and it was perfect.


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