Recipe Directions

1. Put everything into the blender except the water.

2. Gradually add the water to the consistency you desire and then blend until smooth.

Ooleafekatoo's Thoughts

By ooleafekatoo

A very smooth tasty cacao pudding.

Eat it right away or put it in the fridge for later. Keeps for 3 days if it lasts.

I do not measure my ingredients so this is a guesstimate but pretty close. Play with it a bit. Add or remove for your sweetness need or cacao need.

It is a great quick, cheap pudding. You can substitute the dates with agave, stevia, or honey if you would like. They all work :)

I used almonds because they do not have a strong distinct taste like other nuts. You could try substituting them with cashew if that is what you have. If so, use less water.

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