Recipe Directions

  1. Blend water and spinach thoroughly.
  2. Blend in hemp powder and let stand 5 minutes.
  3. Blend in avocado
  4. Blend in sesame oil and ginger. (you might start with less ginger…I’m a ginger fanatic so I used alot)
  5. Pour into bowl and sprinkle sesame seeds on top, maybe some sea salt, and enjoy!

K8ee's Thoughts

By k8ee

I’d been experimenting with making a green smoothie “smooth” without the aid of a VitaMix…wasn’t working, so I added a touch of avocado and Voila! A smooth smoothie. By adding more avocado it became a soup and here was the result, a cool sesame ginger combination!

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Yummy! I'm going to make this tonight!

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